About Mark Medeirios

I’m an obsessive learner on how things run… new businesses and start-ups in particular interest me. I’ve been starting things  all my life. After a 30 year career in the automobile business, in which I’ve purchased, sold and operated several automobile franchises, the later being a GM franchise of which I was the principle dealer in a family business, I’m doing it again— starting things.

About six years ago I started SLOCUM STUDIO along with my son, three years later the South Coast Travel Guide and I still run my MARK MEDEIROS PHOTOGRAPHY under my own name, and this web marketing site. So that’s three ongoing businesses.

But wait there’s more! Slocum markets online products like SLOCUMTHEMES ,which are website themes like this one and we market plug-ins like the CONDUCTORplugin which is a very popular WordPress plugin used for building WordPress sites and requires no code knowledge!

In addition to the above I’m very active in the art community, I’m a board member at the city Museum, and I’m very active in my local Rotary Club. Not to mention many other small organizations and community based initiatives.

I love interacting with people who are pioneers and who enjoy starting things and tweaking their businesses. Being a professional photographer and graphic designer allows me to bring to the table a visual sense along with the business acumen to help businesses get noticed in a very cluttered and noisy ad ridden environment.

mark medeiros photography