IF I were starting out today?

Does anyone know Bob?

30 years ago I couldn’t have learned about you in a post, on Facebook or on a business profile page such asĀ  Linkedln. I would have had to ask around, talk to my friends see if they know who you are. That’s all changed today. Now it’s quite common to do business with strangers, and from miles away! How is that possible? Instead of asking around about Bob, now you can look him up on Facebook, Linkedln or other social platforms and read what he’s all about in that space. Call it social profiling, or proofing, your judging this person from what you read and see. This is not to suggest that all face to face socializing is done with, actually it’s been morphing into other digitally promoted spaces like meetups, go to meetings, SKYPE and organizational conferences and more. If I were starting out today? (this post), in a new adventure, perhaps writing a book, selling paintings, consulting or whatever how would I get the word out?


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