For the birds!

Choosing a Mascot for your company? The Swan is a powerful bird, large in size, graceful in flight and can capable of  paddling at  amazing speeds. I know this since I’ve photographed hundreds of them over the years. Their much more social birds than independent and very territorial, don’t try to corner them.

I choose to use this bird as our Slocum mascot for a few reasons. Firstly its seemingly determined direction in flight, it’s almost like they get their directions downloaded and than take off like a boeing 747. I think small businesses need to be determined to succeed and they need a flight plan which keeps them on course.

Swans are more social than independent. Business owners need to be social much more than independent. You learn from others, their successes but more importantly their failures. So wether it’s the chamber meeting, Rotary club you should take the time and consider joining one or two organizations. I know this since I’m involved in both a Rotary Group and my local Chamber.

Graceful in flight… I relate to this as the business owners  ability to conduct themselves gracefully  with both their clients and their staff. People are attracted to you when you  are courteous and treat them respect.

So if your thinking of rebranding your company and choosing a mascot give it careful thought. I think you’ll find it rewarding!


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