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The Pizza guy and the 31,000 dollar tip

The Pizza guy and the 31,000 dollar tip

The recent encounter of the pizza driver and the used car sales people was quite fascinating, it really exemplifies social justice. And a little yin & yang- one day your asked to return a 7 dollar tip, three days later you’re receiving 31,000 dollars, equivalent to a years worth of salary?

The power of injustice-

In a 2 minute video (see link below) that went viral last week, we witnessed a pizza delivery guy getting bullied by a group of used car salespeople, at a local (local to me) used car lot called F&R Auto Sales in Westport Mass. After making a pizza delivery to the dealership earlier that day, the pizza driver was asked to return seven dollars and change that he thought was his tip!

The pizza delivery guy tried to make a point about the change, as he was given 2 twenties and 2 fives on a order that came to 42 dollars plus change. “Why didn’t you give me the extra 5 back when I was here, why did you make me come all the way back and waste my resources”, he asked, only to give you back the 7 dollars. The person behind the desk didn’t have a great rebuttal, only to say, if I go to the supermarket and give the clerk money I expect to get change back. The pizza guy quickly interjected, well you wouldn’t give them an extra bill just to get it back! Good observation.

It fell on deaf ears however, as they continued to harass him, with slang remarks and lurid physical jesters. He kept his cool however saying “OK the world is right you’ve got your 7 dollars back” and than he left, all the while hearing more remarks. All of this was captured on video camera as it was being taped by the dealerships surveillance camera in the offi

“Let’s face it we all stereo type, you me, everyone”

And that is exactly what fueled the fire and caused an incredible buzz on the social media circuit, not to mention an outpouring of support and cash for the pizza delivery guy.

Our stereotype of a “typical” used car sales person isn’t very high (unfortunately for the goods ones), and I suppose to some people it was like comparing a pack of wolves to a lonely sheep.

The power of social media-

One unanswered question remains- why did the “tech guy” working at the dealership that day put the video up to YouTube? Did he think it was funny, did he think it was going to reflect poorly on the pizza guy and exonerate the sales staff? When you look at the video it’s very clear to see that their “ganging up” on the pizza guy.

In the end it back fired, this did not bode well with viewers, and not just here locally in Westport Ma, it didn’t sit well with people from the United States, France, Mexico, Canada and many other countries. It’s a small world after all. The used car salespeople were considered to be the “bullies” the pizza guy the underdog and handsomely rewarded at that, with nearly $31,000 dollars in donations from nearly 3,000 people from around the world.

F&R Auto Sales and the pizza guy


We’re all hardwired, busy with life and trying to survive, but what is so incredible to me is that we take the time to stop, read, react and help the little guy- we show compassion. That’ nice to see.

Mark Medeiros

See video here: Pizza guy and F & R Auto Sales

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